KeyLinkCTI v4 Release 2013


The new year begins with a new release of the KeyLinkCTI v4 software. The workstation software has been completely rebuilt and uses the latest development techniques. In addition, new functionality  is added, based on feedback from resellers and end-users. This software update is bundled in one download, available today as a download via your telecom provider. This update requires no additional license.

New features KeyLink CTI Release 2013

  • Web Directory to rapidly search and dial contacts from all company contact lists and CRM applications
  • Simplified installation of the KeyLink CTI server, partly because data can be imported directly from your CRM package via ODBC
  • Simplified configuration of the information tiles in the KeyLink CTI client
  • Standard built-in templates for quickly adding ‘Office’ users, ‘Enterprise’ users and ‘ACD’ users
  • Adding database fields in your callback notes enhances the possibilities of the standard callback note
  • Improved ‘Chat’ window, with the possibility to quickly share URLs and file locations with your colleagues by dragging the shortcut from your browser and explorer
  • User-grouping at CTI Server level allows you to place a user in multiple groups, e.g. based on location, skills, knowledge, etc. and is automatically updated in your ‘presence’ tile
  • ACD info tiles per group can easily be added
  • Compact ACD queue windows enables you to efficiently organize your desktop and gives you a better overview over multiple ACD groups
  • Improved user experience  including a greatly improved performance on large amount of groups (100 +) in the ‘presence’ tile.


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