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KeyLinkCTI v4 release 2019

January 09, 2019  |   Banner,Nieuws   |     |   0 Comment

KeyLinkCTI v4 release 2019 There is an update available for KeyLinkCTI !v4 The 2019 release of KeyLinkCTI v.4 software includes all updates and patches. We've also updated KeyLinkCTI Reports. The software can be downloaded here. For more information, please contact your dealer / distributor

Reporting software now also available for Panasonic communication systems

September 30, 2011  |   Banner,Nieuws   |     |   0 Comment

Reporting software now also available for Panasonic communication systems   "Measuring is knowledge". Accessibility and efficiency of organizations should be optimal, especially in these tough economic times. These are issues where the ROI immediately becomes detectable. Resellers of Panasonic communication systems have recently brought this message successfully to their potential and existing customers using software from KeyLink REPORTS. Big step forward for resellers is the very simple installation and configuration, the software Keylink fully automatically collects information from the communication system, such as phone numbers and names.. Read more

In de wolken!

August 10, 2011  |   Banner,Nieuws   |     |   0 Comment

In de wolken! G4S, een organisatie die wereldwijd beveiligings- en veiligheidsoplossingen aan biedt, maakt gebruik KeyLink CTI software voor een geïntegreerde telefonie-koppeling met de Salesforce Cloud Computing-oplossingen. De techniek, gerealiseerd in samenwerking met Salesforce, is een voorbeeld van samenwerkingen die KeyLink met verschillende ERP en CRM leveranciers onderhoudt. De oorsprong van G4S ligt in Denemarken en kent een rijke geschiedenis van fusies en overnames. G4S biedt beveiligingsdiensten aan in verschillende sectoren en is in het bezit van diverse certificeringen en keurmerken om de kwaliteit van de dienstverlening te garanderen. Group 4 Securicor, opgericht in 1999 in San Francisco, is leverancier van zakelijke applicaties via internet in abonnementsvorm, voor organisaties van elke omvang. Salesforce


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Vertimart Vertimart sets high requirements for its customer services. An important part of this is efficient, customer-friendly inbound call handling. The company's telephone traffic with more than 2500 customers has peak periods and involves support calls which have to be registered to be dealt with later. One of the requirements was a good ERP application linked to telephony for retrieving customer data automatically during a call. The solution Vertimart opted for the comprehensive functionality of KeyLink software. It provides the company's telephone operators and its Helpdesk, Technical Service and Sales departments with the presence status of colleagues and shows the number of callers in the queue. This means action can be taken immediately during peak periods. A link was also provided to the company's Afas Profit customer information system to enable customer identification and notes, such as support messages, to be entered in Afas quickly and directly. Business profile Vertimart has been specializing in software for the dental market for almost twenty years as a full-service dental IT partner. The company's various applications are used in fields such as dentistry, oral hygiene, digital x-ray imaging, orthodontics and dental technology. It has 38 employees and operates a helpdesk, technical service department and training center. Vertimart's long-standing satisfied ...

Parijs en Wenen?

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Parijs en Wenen? StepStone, één van de grootste carrièresites in Europa, heeft onlangs Computer Telefoon Integratie geïmplementeerd in hun vestigingen in Wenen en Parijs. Het bedrijf was al enthousiast gebruiker van KeyLink CTI in combinatie met SuperOffice CRM in 6 andere Europese vestigingen, waaronder Denemarken, Italië en Noorwegen. CTI is cool en dit internationale succes bewijst opnieuw dat KeyLink de implementatie eenvoudig maakt. StepStone helpt kandidaten en bedrijven om elkaar te vinden en wil op die manier de perfecte match realiseren. Het bedrijf is gelanceerd in 1996 en is nu actief in 13 Europese landen. De StepStone websites worden meer dan 3 miljoen keer per maand bezocht.

Grant Thornton

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Grant Thornton A medium-sized accounting and consulting firm, Grant Thornton offers a range of services including accounting, tax advice, legal advice, IT Audits, corporate acquisitions & mergers, and payroll & personnel administration. The firm's 450 employees in the Netherlands help entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their business and financial objectives. The human factor is a key aspect of all the company's activities. "Doing business isn't just a matter of figures for us. We attach a great deal of importance to personal contact with our customers." The challenge In an office environment with more than 25 employees, some form of registration for keeping tabs on staff presence and absence is essential. Otherwise telephone operators end up trying to transfer calls to absent colleagues. Customers are then kept waiting unnecessarily only to hear from the same telephone operator or another colleague that the person concerned is unavailable. Keeping a book at the reception desk for employees to register their arrival and departure had proved unsuccessful. The firm wanted to combine the presence and absence register with the telephony environment via a PC display so that the telephone operator could see who was present and who was absent. The solution EasyLink's EasyAssistant module implemented on the telephone operator's ...


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Nijestee Els Diekstra is Nijestee's link between IT and the end-users. For her, it's a matter of setting up new technology properly and avoiding teething troubles. That applied especially to implementing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) when no one was familiar with it. This was largely taken into account by first running a pilot and getting the settings right before the rollout. The aim was to offer customers personal call handling while also gaining time. The solution Using standard CTI software without any customization, the Mitel communication system and the NCCW First NOA application were integrated so that the caller's name would be displayed for inbound calls. The tenant's customer portal in First is displayed automatically when the call is answered. Els Diekstra: “We're very pleased with it. It works really well!” Not only were the aims achieved but employees find this way of working pleasanter. Business profile With around 13,000 rental homes in Groningen, Nijestee is the city's biggest housing association. Approximately 30,000 people rent a home from Nijestee, which provides accommodation in practically every district. The Customer Contact Center's Housing Information Department deals with all these tenants' calls, and aims to be able to answer 80 to 90 percent of questions immediately. More than ...

Vanden Avenne

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Vanden Avenne The EasyAssistant presence module can provide an on-screen display, via a graphical user interface, of which employees are available to take calls. Customers calling Vanden Avenne are helped quickly and put through to the right contact person. In peak periods the number of inbound calls for certain employees is sometimes too high for them to handle, while other employees are available to take calls. Given the importance of customers' calls being handled by the right contact person, it's not always possible for a customer's call to be answered by every employee who happens to be available. That would only lead to inefficient call handling, irritated customers and misunderstandings about what had already been agreed with customers. In an environment like this the challenge is to solve the problem: How can we ensure that all calls are handled as efficiently and quickly as possible and that customers' calls are taken by the right contact person straightaway? The solution The EasyAssistant presence module offers the option of an on-screen display, via a graphical user interface, showing the status of all the telephone extensions and lines used for call handling. This immediately provides employees with details of all the department's telephone traffic and shows which employees ...


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Palfinger In need of a replacement for its existing telephone system, Palfinger Nederland went in search of modern applications. The company envisaged linking its two branches through IP telephony, in combination with software to integrate its Exact e-synergy ERP and CRM system with telephony for outbound calls and customer identification for inbound calls (ScreenPop). The aim was smoother handling of the high volume of customer calls while making better use of the possibilities CRM offers. To avoid long waiting times for transferred calls, the company also wanted clearer information on which colleagues were available to take calls. The solution Palfinger Nederland now has a fully linked telephony network which integrates the company's branches and provides information through KeyLink software on which colleagues are available to take calls. It means receptionists can quickly transfer calls to a specific person. Dialing out is just a matter of a mouse click, which prevents mistakes and saves a lot of time. Inbound call handling includes caller identification and automatic retrieval of the customer's details, so it's extremely efficient and customer-friendly. Managing Director Wouter van den Aarsen: “The telephone system and software work fantastically together!” Business profile Palfinger is the world's market leader in hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems. The company has branches ...


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INFOGROEN IP telephones connected to the company's network together with KeyLink CTI software make working from home easy. Using a single central platform enables INFOGROEN to retrieve presence details on colleagues and so improve efficiency. Providing a good service is extremely important for INFOGROEN. To stay flexible as an organization, the company rotates the tasks of its support staff. To strengthen the level of flexibility, between 30% and 40% of the employees have the option of working from home/away from the office. However, the disadvantage of this is that communication between colleagues becomes less transparent. For example, it takes longer to localize the right person and there's no insight into which employees are available to answer calls. A lack of transparency in communication has a negative impact on communication and the quality of the service. The solution All home workers were provided with IP telephones and a connection to the company telephone system. This has created a central point where details on the availability to take calls are known and can be retrieved on the PCs of staff and telephone operators. It's also instantly clear to everyone whether employees' telephones are busy and who is speaking to them. All this detailed information creates a ...