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With the previous system that Dales Sanitair used it was never clear how long the call queue was. Thanks to installing EasyQ software in employee workspaces, staff can see in real time how busy it is and take more appropriate action. The challenge was to optimize the telephone service for customers. This meant better call handling and transferring calls internally to the right contact person. The company also wanted details on the number of callers in the call queue and the waiting time, so that it could respond quickly in busy periods. “The telephone operator always transferred calls but they came back if colleagues were away from their workspace or their line was busy. This meant the caller had to join the queue again and there was no information on how many calls were in the queue and what the waiting time was. So you never knew how many people were waiting and for how long,” explained Mr G. Vossers, ICT Manager at Dales Sanitair.

The solution

Thanks to installing EasyQ software in employee workspaces, staff can see in real time how busy the queue is. Now they can take action immediately, so call queues are much better managed and there has been a considerable improvement in the company’s accessibility by telephone. The customer’s name is displayed thanks to a link to the CRM application, Microsoft Axapta Dynamics, which means that employees can selectively answer calls in the queue and provide customers with a faster, more effective service.

Business profile

Dales Sanitair supplies bathroom fixtures, tiles, made-to-measure zinc guttering and installation materials for new and renovated buildings. The company’s successful achievements include hotels, hospitals, house building projects, and even projects in the maritime sector. With more than 70 years’ experience, Dales is the perfect partner for large-scale projects. Dales’ Project Center provides its expertise, know-how and dynamism to help customers at every stage from preparation to construction. The company currently employs 135 people.


  • EasyAttendant
  • EasyQ Agent
  • EasyQ Supervisor
  • Siemens HiPath 3550
  • Microsoft Dynamics Axapta


  • Increased customer-friendliness
  • Higher efficiency
  • Cost saving
  • Improved availability


  • Wholesale


  • Dales Sanitair – wholesale business in bathroom fixtures, tiles, zinc guttering and installation materials
  • www.dales.nl