Dutch Spare Parts

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KeyLink CTI software provides a link between the telephone system and the Navision CRM package. This enables Dutch Spare Parts to answer calls in the caller’s language and see the customer’s data immediately. The automobile industry changes quickly and you have to move with it. Karel Ernste, manager of sales and exports, wanted to optimize the service and at the same time increase customer-friendliness, bearing in mind that the company has more than 10,000 customers. The better service had to be achieved by reducing the length of calls and improving call handling by having the right customer data available at once. Moreover, this is important for language recognition in international telephone traffic.

The solution

The solution was to use the EasyPop MacroButton as a CTI link between the communication platform and Navision CRM. All the customer data relating to the telephone number are displayed immediately on employees’ screens. This means calls can be answered straightaway in the caller’s language and dealt with faster. EasyQ provides real-time reporting on various aspects of telephone traffic, such as queues, the number of customers waiting, and waiting times. It enables employees to respond at once during peak periods and also to answer calls in queues. EasyInfo’s numerous standard reports and graphics provide details on all the company’s internal and external telephone traffic. It’s also easy to compile reports according to individual requirements. This makes it possible to measure and improve performance.

Business profile

Dutch Spare Parts has been a familiar name in the market for Japanese and Korean car parts for the past 30 years. The company is constantly expanding its wide range with new, high-quality products and closely follows the latest developments. This has enabled Dutch Spare Parts to grow into an internationally operating business and become a strong competitor of importers and wholesalers. Having an extensive stock of around 35,000 different items means the company can provide a next-day delivery service.


  • EasyPop MacroButton
  • EasyQ Agent
  • EasyInfo 3.1 ACD
  • Link to Navision CRM


  • Increased customer-friendliness
  • Higher efficiency
  • Cost saving
  • Time gain
  • Convenience
  • Language recognition


  • Car parts wholesaler