Irelands principal provider of telecommunications services eircom will distribute KeylinkCTI software

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Irelands principal provider of telecommunications services eircom will distribute KeylinkCTI software


Naarden, February 17, 2012  KeylinkCTI software for computer telephony integration was recently included in the MDS Gateways portfolio after a joint development program of the two companies. KeylinkCTI software, in combination with MDS Gateways communication systems features, among others, screenpop with any CRM or database, presence, call-logging and click-to-dial.

 MDS Gateways communication systems (PBX) for the SME market are shipped in high numbers to several national telco’s like eircom (Ireland), Belgacom (Belgium) and KPN (The Netherlands) for distribution in the enterprise . The products are now enhanced by software for presence, call-logging and integration with databases and CRM applications (screenpop).

A quickly increasing number of SME companies appreciate computer telephony integration to improve efficiency and the business process. It is widely acknowledged that integration of customer databases in enterprise telephony is highly appreciated by customers.

Keylink software was selected by MDS Gateways and some of their most important customers like the Dutch national telco KPN (The Netherlands) and eircom (Ireland) not only because of the rich feature list but also since KeylinkCTI software proved to be very easy to implement and support, not requiring extensive configuration or customisation. Besides, integrations with over 100 applications are already standardly available in the software that has been available in the Dutch market for almost 10 years.

Even bespoke and unknown business application can be integrated in the telephony process in a quick and efficient way.

Reason for MDS Gateways, eircom and KPN to take on distribution including local support.  


About MDS Gateways and eircom

MDS Gateways are a leading designer and supplier of communications products, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. End customers are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and SOHO home workers.
Products are distributed by telephone operating companies and major private distributors in Europe and South Africa.
The MDS Gateways product family comprises voice and data communications platforms for small business as well as terminal adaptors and residential gateways for installation in an ADSL, ISDN, analogue, or mixed environment.
MDS Gateways help our customers achieve and maintain leading positions in several international markets.


eircom is the principal provider of fixed-line telecommunications services in Ireland with approximately 2.56 million fixed-line telephone access channels in service. Turnover for the group was approximately 1.8 billion and EBITDA was € 679 million in the financial year ended 30 June, 2010.


About KeyLink

KeyLink, established in 2000, is The Netherlands largest independent software manufacturer for computer-telephony integration (CTI) and informal call centre applications for the SME-market. Applications are in contact centres and help-desks, sales- and marketing departments and regular office environments alike.
Software suite KeylinkCTI® provides the integration of any CRM / ERP-application and customer database with the communication network.
Examples of functionality offered are call-logging (historic and real-time reporting), presence, automatic caller identification, screen pop, and call control. Key-feature of the software is the easiness of CRM integration and the wide variety of technology for this purpose.
Established several thousands of customers on the mainland, KeylinkCTI software is now offered to resellers in Ireland.