Grant Thornton

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A medium-sized accounting and consulting firm, Grant Thornton offers a range of services including accounting, tax advice, legal advice, IT Audits, corporate acquisitions & mergers, and payroll & personnel administration. The firm’s 450 employees in the Netherlands help entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their business and financial objectives. The human factor is a key aspect of all the company’s activities. “Doing business isn’t just a matter of figures for us. We attach a great deal of importance to personal contact with our customers.”

The challenge

In an office environment with more than 25 employees, some form of registration for keeping tabs on staff presence and absence is essential. Otherwise telephone operators end up trying to transfer calls to absent colleagues. Customers are then kept waiting unnecessarily only to hear from the same telephone operator or another colleague that the person concerned is unavailable. Keeping a book at the reception desk for employees to register their arrival and departure had proved unsuccessful. The firm wanted to combine the presence and absence register with the telephony environment via a PC display so that the telephone operator could see who was present and who was absent.

The solution

EasyLink’s EasyAssistant module implemented on the telephone operator’s PC can display the presence details of every employee. All members of staff can simply indicate when they are available by pressing a button on their own telephone. A light in the telephone also enables employees to check the correct status. When an employee presses the present/absence button, the status change is displayed immediately on the telephone operator’s screen via the EasyAssistant module. Besides digitally registered presence, the telephone operator can also see straightaway whether the employee’s telephone is busy. With real-time presence information on every employee, the telephone operator can avoid needlessly transferring calls to colleagues who are absent or busy. It makes personal contact in dealing with clients more efficient and customer-friendly.


  • EasyAssistant
  • Siemens HiPath


  • Increased customer-friendliness
  • More efficient call handling


  • Financial services