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IP telephones connected to the company’s network together with KeyLink CTI software make working from home easy. Using a single central platform enables INFOGROEN to retrieve presence details on colleagues and so improve efficiency. Providing a good service is extremely important for INFOGROEN. To stay flexible as an organization, the company rotates the tasks of its support staff. To strengthen the level of flexibility, between 30% and 40% of the employees have the option of working from home/away from the office. However, the disadvantage of this is that communication between colleagues becomes less transparent. For example, it takes longer to localize the right person and there’s no insight into which employees are available to answer calls. A lack of transparency in communication has a negative impact on communication and the quality of the service.

The solution

All home workers were provided with IP telephones and a connection to the company telephone system. This has created a central point where details on the availability to take calls are known and can be retrieved on the PCs of staff and telephone operators. It’s also instantly clear to everyone whether employees’ telephones are busy and who is speaking to them. All this detailed information creates a high level of transparency in the communication process, which considerably increases efficiency and prevents mistakes, such as mixing up customer information. Co-founder, John Willemsen, says: “KeyLink’s software is an indispensable tool in our communication process. The transparency also gives home workers much more of a feeling that they’re part of what’s going on at the office.”

Business profile

INNFOGROEN’s core activity is the trade and distribution of compound feed raw materials. The focus is on quality, efficiency and speed. Telephony is one of the company’s most important business tools. The trading division’s team of six employees has to deal with a continuous flow of inbound and outbound telephone traffic. Employees can be reached on their own individual extension number and have three or four lines which can be used simultaneously. Employees are assigned as the main contact and back-up contact for every customer.


  • EasyAssistant
  • EasyPop Satellite
  • EasyInfo
  • Siemens HiPath


  • Greater transparency
  • More efficient call handling
  • Improved communication process


  • Software