KeyLinkCTI 2014 Spring release

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This new release of KeyLinkCTI software includes several new features and improvements. Here are the highlights at a glance:

Extended search function, can be called using a hotkey

Easy and fast search based on customer data. If you have set the KeyLinkCTI Server, CRM customer recognition, you can easily look up the phone number of your relationship. In the advanced search tile you can search on parts of the name, or other fields from exports. Use the hotkey to display the search tile displayed and start a new search immediately.

Support for OpenScape Unify Business

Unify, formerly operating under the name Siemens Enterprise Communications now offers customers a new communication platform: OpenScape Business, the successor to the Siemens HiPath and OpenScape Office. KeyLinkCTI software can connect to the OpenScape Business (OSBiz) via the CSTA interface through a Booster Booster Card or server in a single-site environment, to use KeyLinkCTI Unified Communications OFFICE / ENTERPRISE and REPORTS. The OpenScape Business S standard already contains a CSTA interface, no additional booster is required. For more information about the OSBiz and questions regarding your communications platform, please contact your telecom supplier / distributor

Revision REPORTS

With this release, we provide new versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL, and a new HTML frontend. For customers who want to perserve their existing call information, we have a separate upgrade procedure (available in Dutch).

This release can be downloaded from our reseller portal. For more information, please contact your dealer / distributor