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Els Diekstra is Nijestee’s link between IT and the end-users. For her, it’s a matter of setting up new technology properly and avoiding teething troubles. That applied especially to implementing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) when no one was familiar with it. This was largely taken into account by first running a pilot and getting the settings right before the rollout. The aim was to offer customers personal call handling while also gaining time.

The solution

Using standard CTI software without any customization, the Mitel communication system and the NCCW First NOA application were integrated so that the caller’s name would be displayed for inbound calls. The tenant’s customer portal in First is displayed automatically when the call is answered. Els Diekstra: “We’re very pleased with it. It works really well!” Not only were the aims achieved but employees find this way of working pleasanter.

Business profile

With around 13,000 rental homes in Groningen, Nijestee is the city’s biggest housing association. Approximately 30,000 people rent a home from Nijestee, which provides accommodation in practically every district. The Customer Contact Center’s Housing Information Department deals with all these tenants’ calls, and aims to be able to answer 80 to 90 percent of questions immediately. More than 200 of its 250 employees work at a computer workspace. The goal was to achieve time gains while maintaining job satisfaction and personal contact.


  • Mitel 3300
  • NCCW First NOA
  • EasyLink CTI software with NCCW integration, 168 workspaces


  • Customers are identified and receive a more personal approach.
  • Time gain in call handling.
  • More job satisfaction for employees handling calls.


  • Housing association

Customer / Supplier

  • Nijestee
  • Bossers&Cnossen