About us

We build software for telecommunication applications. It is mainly intended to be used in a business environment for the integration of telecommunication and computer networks, the process also known as computer-telephony integration. Users find that our products make their telephony system and CRM software easier to use, which increases their efficiency and customer-friendliness. Our products include PC call handling, screen-pop, management reports, and real-time information on queues. They are sold through expert suppliers of telecom equipment and CRM / ERP software.


We integrate and automate the increasing amount of communication between people and businesses through various media, in which user-friendliness is the first priority..


KeyLink develops and integrates software to create an automated, intelligent combination of telecommunication systems on the one hand and, on the other, computer and data networks (including the Internet). Companies using our products can manage their existing communications and any future increases more effectively and agreeably. We focus on providing missing functions in the form of add-on applications for various types of telephone systems and new technologies, such as IP telephony, as well as for conventional and hybrid environments. Our success is based on our unique knowledge of the field, our flexibility and our approach to the job in which everything revolves around people.