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In need of a replacement for its existing telephone system, Palfinger Nederland went in search of modern applications. The company envisaged linking its two branches through IP telephony, in combination with software to integrate its Exact e-synergy ERP and CRM system with telephony for outbound calls and customer identification for inbound calls (ScreenPop). The aim was smoother handling of the high volume of customer calls while making better use of the possibilities CRM offers. To avoid long waiting times for transferred calls, the company also wanted clearer information on which colleagues were available to take calls.

The solution

Palfinger Nederland now has a fully linked telephony network which integrates the company’s branches and provides information through KeyLink software on which colleagues are available to take calls. It means receptionists can quickly transfer calls to a specific person. Dialing out is just a matter of a mouse click, which prevents mistakes and saves a lot of time. Inbound call handling includes caller identification and automatic retrieval of the customer’s details, so it’s extremely efficient and customer-friendly. Managing Director Wouter van den Aarsen: “The telephone system and software work fantastically together!”

Business profile

Palfinger is the world’s market leader in hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems. The company has branches in more than 120 countries and production facilities on every continent. The trading company, Palfinger Nederland employs 45 people. It handles the import, storage and sales of all Palfinger products, including the Palfinger Crane truck-loading cranes, Epsilon Palfinger timber, scrap and recycling cranes, Palfinger Palift hook-loader and skip-loader systems, Crayler transportable forklift trucks and MBB Palfinger tail lifts. Palfinger is one of the top three best selling truck-loading cranes in the Netherlands. Customers include construction companies and automotive and logistics sectors.


  • Siemens HiPath 3500 (headquarters) and 3300, IP linked
  • EasyPop ScreenPop (20 workspaces)
  • EasyAttendant
  • Exact e-Synergy


  • Major time gain in call handling
  • Shorter waiting times for customers
  • No more calls transferred in vain


  • Automotive and logistics


  • Palfinger Nederland
  • Nemesys ICT & Telecom