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KeyLink CTI comprises software and a hardware key (dongle) which checks the user licenses. The licenses determine the functionality, the number of simultaneous users, and the number of telephones for which reports are provided.


Unified Communications


Unified Communications OFFICE is a presence module. It provides an overview on the PC of the presence details of colleagues. It also controls the telephone extension, to dial out for example, and provides the link to the customer database so that the caller can be identified.


UC Enterprise is software for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI): it enables dialing out, customer identification, screen-pop and automatic call-back messages in combination with practically any database and CRM / ERP application. Moreover, the ENTERPRISE license includes all the UC OFFICE functions, such as presence details on colleagues.

Unified Communications – Specifcations



The exceptionally comprehensive historical reports on telephone traffic provide information on presence, costs and call handling efficiency for the telephone traffic of the entire company. KeyLink CTI ReportsACD also provides reports and real-time data on queues and agents. Details of customers in the queue are displayed here too, thanks to the database link.

Reports is not available any longer for Siemens / Unify systems.

Reports – Specifcations

Reports – Product description


Xpress (download free of charge)

Free KeyLink CTI software. The software can be readily installed on a local PC in a Windows environment for stand-alone operation.

Download KeyLink CTI Xpress




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