Apeldoorn Family Doctor Center

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Apeldoorn Regional Family Doctor Center answered its inbound calls but the old system malfunctioned. The solution was to integrate EasyInfo reporting software with a Cybertech recorder, so that calls could be recorded, quickly retrieved, and linked to family doctors and staff. All calls to the family doctor center have to be recorded. This is necessary for playing back the relevant call in the event of complaints and for audits and staff training. Location manager, Ms. Van Andel: “The existing system sometimes caused problems and that was unacceptable.” It was also difficult to relocate calls and to link them to family doctors or staff.

The solution

Thanks to the integrated solution of EasyInfo reporting software with a Cybertech recorder, calls are now recorded at the point of entry through the network line, which means that externally transferred calls are also included. All the required details on the call are available too, such as the date, time, member of staff, family doctor’s number, and so forth. This makes the data easy to search on the basis of many different values. The system also meets the highest requirements for operational reliability, which is extremely important, given its use in health care. an Andel: “It took a while to get used to it but my colleague and I work with it regularly and it’s excellent. It’s a big improvement and its fast and works well!”

Business profile

With around 30 employees, Apeldoorn Regional Family Doctor Center provides urgent family doctor care outside office hours for 95 family doctors in the Apeldoorn region. Patients’ urgent calls are taken by a doctor’s assistant who has been specially trained for work of this kind. The family doctor center also has doctors on hand to deal with urgent cases. They are on call service which they spend traveling around the area in a chauffeur-driven car. The doctor and chauffeur are in constant contact by mobile phone and other communication equipment with the staff at the family doctor center.


  • Siemens HiPath 3500
  • CyberTech Myracle E1 recorder
  • CyberTech QM Evaluation licenses
  • EasyInfo reports


  • All calls are recorded
  • Externally transferred calls are recorded too
  • Calls are easy to retrieve
  • Link between call and employee


  • Health Care


  • Apeldoorn Family Doctor Center