Stichting Ouderenhuisvesting Rotterdam

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Using KeyLink’s EasyPop software, the NCCW application used for ERP was linked to the IP-based telephony environment to improve access by telephone, call handling and customer-friendliness at SOR, the Rotterdam-based housing organization for senior citizens. SOR’s organization is growing and the client is increasingly becoming the key factor in its strategy. The old telephone system was end-of-life. Access by telephone and call handling needed to be improved, along with customer-friendliness.

The solution

The chosen solution was a new IP-based telephony environment by Cisco, and a link between the telephony environment and the NCCW application used for ERP. This CTI link was created using KeyLink’s EasyPop software. SOR’s Kees Willemen explains: “Now we have a CTI link, we see customers’ details on screen as soon as they call us. It helps us work faster and more efficiently.” The document management system is linked to the platform too, so employees can access all the digitally stored documents directly, such as postal and e-mail correspondence with customers.

Business profile

SOR (Stichting Ouderenhuisvesting Rotterdam) is a housing association specializing in comfortable accommodation for senior citizens aged 55 and older. It owns around 65 buildings. SOR provides more than 7,500 rental homes with two, three or four rooms, a customized service and care as needed. SOR employs its own staff to provide many of the services but also works with other service and care providers.


  • EasyPop ScreenPop
  • with NCCW application
  • Cisco CallManager


  • Increased customer-friendliness
  • Higher efficiency
  • Cost saving
  • Improved availability


  • Housing association


  • SOR (Stichting Ouderenhuisvesting Rotterdam)