Vanden Avenne

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The EasyAssistant presence module can provide an on-screen display, via a graphical user interface, of which employees are available to take calls. Customers calling Vanden Avenne are helped quickly and put through to the right contact person. In peak periods the number of inbound calls for certain employees is sometimes too high for them to handle, while other employees are available to take calls. Given the importance of customers’ calls being handled by the right contact person, it’s not always possible for a customer’s call to be answered by every employee who happens to be available. That would only lead to inefficient call handling, irritated customers and misunderstandings about what had already been agreed with customers. In an environment like this the challenge is to solve the problem: How can we ensure that all calls are handled as efficiently and quickly as possible and that customers’ calls are taken by the right contact person straightaway?

The solution

The EasyAssistant presence module offers the option of an on-screen display, via a graphical user interface, showing the status of all the telephone extensions and lines used for call handling. This immediately provides employees with details of all the department’s telephone traffic and shows which employees are busy or, on the contrary, have more time. The link to the existing customer database also shows at a glance which customers are calling. If necessary, a colleague’s unanswered calls can be taken over with just a mouse click. The result is a better customer service together with faster call handling.

Business profile

Vanden Avenne’s core activity is the trade and distribution of compound feed raw materials. The commodities are delivered by lighter or truck to the animal-feed producer’s production plant or are placed at the customer’s disposal in a warehouse. The focus is on quality, efficiency and speed. The trading division’s team of six employees has to deal with a continuous flow of inbound and outbound telephone traffic. Employees have their own individual extension number and simultaneous use of three or four lines. Each employee acts as the main contact and back-up contact for a certain number of customers.


  • EasyAssistant license with customer identification
  • Siemens HiPath


  • Faster call handling
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better customer service thanks to personalization


  • Trading and Distribution