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Vertimart sets high requirements for its customer services. An important part of this is efficient, customer-friendly inbound call handling.

The company’s telephone traffic with more than 2500 customers has peak periods and involves support calls which have to be registered to be dealt with later. One of the requirements was a good ERP application linked to telephony for retrieving customer data automatically during a call.

The solution

Vertimart opted for the comprehensive functionality of KeyLink software. It provides the company’s telephone operators and its Helpdesk, Technical Service and Sales departments with the presence status of colleagues and shows the number of callers in the queue. This means action can be taken immediately during peak periods. A link was also provided to the company’s Afas Profit customer information system to enable customer identification and notes, such as support messages, to be entered in Afas quickly and directly.

Business profile

Vertimart has been specializing in software for the dental market for almost twenty years as a full-service dental IT partner. The company’s various applications are used in fields such as dentistry, oral hygiene, digital x-ray imaging, orthodontics and dental technology. It has 38 employees and operates a helpdesk, technical service department and training center. Vertimart’s long-standing satisfied customers include more than 2300 dental practices and in excess of 160 dental laboratories. The company also supplies consumables.



  • EasyAssistant
  • EasyPop ScreenPop
  • EasyQ Agent
  • EasyInfo ACD
  • Siemens HiPath
  • Afas Profit Web


  • Automatic customer identification
  • Immediate response in busy period
  • Time gain in call handling
  • Shorter waiting times for customers
  • No more calls transferred in vain


  • Software – Health Care

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