What is KeyLink CTI?


Easy to integrate

KeyLink CTI is third-party CTI software, i.e., it creates a central link between the telecommunication system and the KeyLink CTI basic software. The software uses standard telecommunication system interfaces such as first-party TAPI (available free of charge on various telephone systems),  third-party TAPI, CSTA and proprietary interfaces. The client-server architecture has a modular design and enables the required functionality and number of workspaces to be readily matched to the wishes of any company. KeyLink CTI is remarkably easy to integrate with practically any database and CRM application. Numerous software parties work together at the development level. CTI is within reach of any company, as there is no need for customization and the implementation costs are determined in advance. This method of integration also provides exceptional reliability, so there is no risk whatsoever to any business process.


The KeyLink CTI link can be implemented centrally for companies with various branches, even if they use more than one telecommunication system. This substantially increases transparency and efficiency in the communication process between branches, as staff can access current and historical information on the telephone traffic of all the branches. It also improves total availability because inbound calls to other busy or understaffed branches where waiting times are increasing can be taken over. Moreover, there are cost savings on hardware, software and management expenses.