What are the benefits of KeyLink CTI?


All kinds of day-to-day activities can be automated by integrating telephony with the customer database, so calls can be dealt with faster and with fewer mistakes. This provides various benefits for the user: 

Business process
Employees and departments speaking to customers on the telephone can easily make mistakes when processing orders and information received by telephone. The automatic link to information in the database enables errors of this kind to be avoided. For example, call-back messages are always provided with the right telephone number and orders received by telephone are processed immediately and with the correct details.

Telephone calls and their processing time can be much shorter if there is no need to repeatedly ask the caller’s name. All the required details on the caller are retrieved from the CRM or ERP application automatically, so the call takes less time and is dealt with more efficiently, also if the call is transferred.

Contact by telephone is an organization’s most important calling card. A telephone call dealt with quickly and efficiently is noticed and appreciated by every customer. Telephone accessibility is an important criterion in a customer’s assessment of an organization.